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Welcome to The Waypoint Foundation!

At The Waypoint Foundation, we believe strongly in giving back to our community. After all, we have been the recipients of the generosity of many individuals and organizations throughout our lives.

The development of The Waypoint Foundation activities have been based around the specific ways we, the trustees, have been beneficiaries of other people's generosity in our lives. Some of these activities include being recipients of academic scholarships, participating in scholastic chess tournaments, international travel as exchange students, and great experiences in youth scouting programs.

Garret Sands of Moses Lake took the 2020 championship prize having defeated Anna Pugh in a playoff round. Congratulations to Garret and all of the other participants for their efforts during the tournament. To see all of the tournament results, including previous years, click here.

COVID UPDATE: We are sorry to inform you that the 2021 tournament has been cancelled due to COVID concerns. Considering that players need to sit within just a few feet of each other and that they constantly touch the same pieces during a match and then move from board to board for each round, it makes the best sense for the tournament to be cancelled. We are sad, but we will start looking forward until next year.

We always appreciate the media for their efforts in covering this event, including the Grant County Journal, the Columbia Basin Herald, iFiberOne News, and the Wenatchee World. Where possible, we will include these reports and/or video in the tournament results page.

Please review our website which details our activities. If you find yourself asking yourself what you can do to help, please refer to the "How Can You Help?" page for more information.

The Waypoint Foundation is an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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The Waypoint Foundation is an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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